Alert: Nigerian Scams Hit Facebook

Remember those emails that implored for you to donate money to a sick kid overseas or the one congratulating you on winning a bunch of cash in England? To get the money, all you have to do is wire some money to them first. These scams have found their way on to social media sites such as Facebook.

Criminals hack on to your account by getting your password and send messages to your friends asking for money. One criminal who hacked into an account told the user’s friends that he had been robbed and needed monetary help.

To protect yourself, make sure no one knows your password and make sure it’s not something easy to guess like 12345, which unfortunately, a friend of mine used and had his account hacked into. Fortunately, his account was only messed with as a joke by a friend and nothing malicious happened.

Here are some tips from the article to keep your Facebook account safe:

  • Be suspicious of anyone – even friends – who ask for money. Verify their circumstances independently, preferably by direct telephone contact.
  • Don't use the same password for all Web accounts -- something many Web users do. Because Facebook is so popular, criminals who manage to steal any user's password will surely try it on
  • Have more than one contact email address, in case one is compromised.