The iCondom App from MTV!

For all you CAP supporters or smart phone users out there, what do you think about a Condom GPS? Yes, that’s right. If you haven’t already heard about it, MTV’s Staying Alive Foundation teamed up with iCondom for an iCondom iPhone app.  When you download this app on your phone, you can search the closest places near you that sells or distributes condoms. 

Since the app taps into your smart phone’s GPS, it is really easy to find a condom dispensary or retail location near you.  The app is not just for the U.S either.  In fact, it is available for download  worldwide and about 200 new condom outlets are added everyday to their database.   It also features a user-generated map relying on crowd sourcing that allows users to upload new condom dispensary locations .

HIV/STDs are a really big problem all over the world,  and  about half of sexually active teens and young adults  here  in the U.S. will get an STD before their 25th birthday . Condoms are the ONLY birth control method that provides protection against STDs/HIV, so using protection while having sex is extremely important.

Thanks to technology, practicing safe sex has never been easier!  Just like with iCondom and now with TeenSource’s Condom Access Project, there are no more excuses for not having protection or the ability to access condoms. All you need to do is a simple search online or on your phone and you can be stocked up on all the  condoms you need.