The Truth About Masturbation

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Say it with me, “Masturbation!”

Yes! Most people do it — yet so many people worry about doing it! That's because there’s a lot of myths out there that masturbation is dirty, dangerous, or something to be embarrassed about doing.

But the truth is: Masturbation is safe and healthy. People of all ages do it. Guys do it, and girls do it too. Single people and people in relationships do it. Some people do it a few times a day, and some do it a few times a year.

Even though most people know that masturbation won't really make you go blind or give you acne, there are still a lot of myths about masturbation that need to be cleared up.

The Myth: Masturbation is dirty and perverted.
The Facts: Masturbation is perfectly healthy and natural. People masturbate throughout their lives. Masturbation is not a sign that you are a pervert or oversexed. It is a normal way to experience sexual pleasure.

The Myth: Girls don't masturbate.
The Facts: Though there are no completely reliable numbers, the fact is, plenty of girls masturbate. But, because there are still double standards, regarding sex for guys and girls, fewer girls than guys feel comfortable talking about masturbation or admitting to doing it.

The Myth: A girl will lose her virginity from masturbating.
The Facts: Most people agree that guys and girls lose their virginity the first time they have sex with another person. Even if a girl stretches her hymen masturbating, if she hasn't had sex play with someone else, she is still a virgin.