GoodSex/BadSex – How to Tell? How’d You Feel in the AM?

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GoodSex/BadSex – how to tell? How’d you feel in the AM?


Ever wake up in the morning and wonder if last night was *quite* as good an idea as you thought it was at, say, 11 PM?

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Here is a handy dandy little mental list to run through. If your answers seem "sex-positive" (aka "Yep, great idea!"), made you feel empowered and great about yourself, then you get an A+! If your answers are a lil' on the more negative side, it might be worth it to check your style - see if there is something about the way you are handling your (sex) life. If you have questions, or just wanna talk about it, check out your local teen clinic - it's totally confidential, and you can talk to someone who has LOTS of answers!



The Morning After Checklist:

1. Do you feel stoked? Butterflies in the tummy?

2. Do you feel anxious? Nervous? Horrified?

3. Are you sore? How sore?

4. Are there condom wrappers on the floor/in the garbage/clogging the toilet?

5. Did you make a new friend?

6. Would you do it again?

7. What would you change/keep the same for next time?

8. When was your partner last tested? If you don’t know, do you know where to get tested?

9. If the condom broke, do you have a Plan B or ella in your underwear drawer?


At least the answer to Number 8 is easy to find! Just go to, click on Clinic Finder, and enter your zip for the nearest Free&Confidential Teen Clinic.


Keep it Positive - Sex Positive!