Last Week’s Episode of Glee: Santana Kissed a Girl and She Liked It!

Hey Gleeks, for those of you who missed it, last week’s episode (season3, episode 7) was a mash-up of many story lines, including crazy Coach Sue’s return! However, the best jaw-dropping moment was when Finn “outed” Santana as a lesbian, and we learn that Santana and Brittany are officially a couple.

The one thing that I really love about Glee is how they capture gay teen’s experiences- the emotions, frustrations, and major life-changing decisions. Some of the themes Glee focused on with Santana were:

  • Coming out to your family 

    Santana came out to her parents, and they were so loving and supportive! Santana also gives her grandmother a really brave speech about loving Brittany and wanting to be happy, and her grandmother’s response was heartbreaking. However, it’s also realistic of what many teens go through.

Whether you love Santana for her sarcastic comments or you can’t stand her, this episode definitely showed her as a sensitive teen dealing with big issues.

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