Starting the conversation: “Let’s get tested”---What She Said

So my boyfriend, Andrew, and I have been dating each other for seven months. We have been talking a lot about sex lately, and how we think we are both ready. I have never had sex before, but my boyfriend has.  He told me he’s been with other girls before we started dating. 

This kinda freaked me out.  Scratch that. It completely freaked me out! As I was talking to my friend about the whole situation the next day, she told me right away to make sure that he goes and gets tested for STDs/HIV before we have sex. She told me I should tell him to go get tested and how easy it was with a list of clinics near us online.

I knew she was right and I had heard the ‘use protection/be safe lecture’ over and over before. But I’ll be honest; this seemed really weird at first. I didn’t know how on earth I was going to go ask my boyfriend to agree to it.  I mean what was I going to say, ‘go get tested or we breakup!’? After playing and replaying the conversation in my head between me and him, I decided to stop analyzing everything and just say what I had to say. In a nutshell, here is how my conversation with Andrew went:

Me:  I know we’ve been waiting a long time to do it and all, but I am really worried.

Andrew:  About what?

Me: Well you’ve been other girls before, and I know STDs can easily spread from one person to another.

Andrew: You don’t have to worry! I always used protection, and we will too.

Me: But you and I both know you can still get STDs even when we use protection, especially if we don’t use the condom right.

Andrew: Really?! I didn’t know that.

Me: Yeah, it can totally happen. That’s why I want to be sure we are safe.  So how about you go get tested before we do anything and I will come with you?

Andrew: Umm…okay I guess.

Me: It really won’t be that bad. I actually read online that getting tested is super quick and easy—especially if we make an appointment. Most of the places are free too!

Andrew: Okay, I’m down. I see where you are coming from. I’d rather be safe than sorry.

Me: Exactly! I’m so happy you get it.

Andrew: Wait. Do you know where we go though?

Me: Yeah. Apparently lots of clinics offer free STD testing services. We just have to go online and find the one nearest to us and make an appointment.

Three days later, I went with Andrew as he got tested.  We got our results the same day, and he tested negative for all STDs. We were really relieved. I’m super glad I asked him to GYT!

As corny as it sounds, safe really is sexy! Check out these FAQs.