Alcohol & Sex- A Matchmaker’s Mistake

        What was supposed to be one of the most amazing nights of the summer became the worst. Summer has been flying and it’s already August! That means dorm room shopping, packing, and saying tearful goodbyes as my friends and I go our separate ways. my best friend Kaycee decided to throw a HUGE pool party before we all dove into Summer nostalgia. Her parents were out of town for the weekend and her older brother agreed to buy us alcohol. It seemed like the perfect set up… turns our it was really the perfect storm.

         The party was jumping and it seemed like EVERYBODY was there! There were snacks, our friend DJing, and games in the pool! I have to admit Kaycee had outdone herself. It was a party to be remembered….from what I remember of it.

         A lot of people were drinking including my boyfriend Eric. I definitely didn’t want to come off as a loser so I had a couple drinks myself. I thought I was going to feel happier and have even more fun than I was already having. But after awhile I didn’t feel too good and try as I might I couldn’t think clearly at all. This definitely didn’t help me in making the right decisions.

         On TV getting drunk always seemed funny and it looked like you always had amazing sex afterwards. Amazing??? More like awkward. Eventually, me and Eric wound up upstairs. We have been dating for awhile and have had conversations about having sex. We haven’t slept together yet but we were both planning on getting tested together first to make sure we were both clear of any STIs and making sure I was on birth control. All the careful planning we had made flew out the window because we did have sex, I wasn’t on any birth control and I can’t remember if he wore a condom or not!

         Afterwards I didn’t know how to feel. It was a mixture of emotions and the alcohol in my system wasn’t helping me at all. After Eric left to get another drink, Kaycee came in looking for me. I think she was trying to ask if I was okay but between the alcohol, trying to explain what happened, and figuring out my feelings, I grew frustrated. Kaycee was only trying to help and I exploded on her and wound up yelling at her and calling her awful names.

        The next day, I felt horrible, physically and emotionally! I couldn’t believe what I had done and the things that I had said. I must have left a million apologies on Kaycee’s voicemail. . I wasn’t me at all! We’ve been friends for years and I don’t want one horrible night to ruin that. I realized that underage drinking was too much, too soon, and too risky! When I drank I put myself at risk for STIs and an unplanned pregnancy. Now it’s important that me and Eric get tested. Luckily, I saved myself a little embarrassment by getting tested at home using I KNOW and having a testing kit mailed to my house. I also had to make sure I took a pregnancy test and covered all my bases. I’m usually a very responsible person and try to take care of myself but drinking can cause all that to change. It changed my relationship with Eric, my friendship with Kaycee, and it changed me! Trust me, Alcohol & Sex definitely don’t mix! - Stacy