Do You Think All Teens Should Get Comprehensive Sex Ed in School? Take Action Now!

Do you ever have questions about birth control or STDs and other sexual health topics, but don't know where to turn for accurate information? Do you ever get mixed messages or information that doesn't seem to add up but don't know what's true? If you answered yes, YOU'RE IN LUCK!

There is a bill (FYI bills become laws if approved by policymakers) that is making its way through the California legislature called the California Healthy Youth Act (AB 329) that seeks to require teaching comprehensive sexual and reproductive health education along with HIV prevention in California public schools.

This bill is important because, if passed, it would make sure that California youth like YOU get important information about birth control, STD prevention, healthy relationships and consent, dating violence prevention, gender identity, and sexual orientation in the classroom. Right now, many youth in California don't get any sex education in school and some get information that is inaccurate or incomplete. 

Even if you aren't old enough to vote, YOUR VOICE CAN STILL MAKE A DIFFERENCE! Here's what you can do to show your support:


1. Take action now by clicking here to send an email to your senator telling them you support the California Healthy Youth Act. 

2. Sign this petition to tell Governor Brown that you support comprehensive sex ed in California! 

3. Join a call to hear from young activists across the state sharing their experiences with sex ed. The call will also explain how you can help support your peers by taking action to change sex ed in California. Register here

4. Let us know how you've been affected by the sex ed class you got in school (or maybe that you didn't get.) Was it good? Bad? Has sex ed helped you make better decisions? If you didn't get sex ed, how has that affected your life?

Send your story to so that we can let Governor Brown know why ALL youth in California deserve to get comprehensive sex ed in the classroom.