Trick or Treat! What’s the scariest sex myth you’ve ever heard?

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We've all seen pictures of STI symptoms that were far more terrifying than the best serial killer costume. And probably everyone has heard of a sex myth that is so RIDICULOUS it just COULDN'T be true...but it's so deliciously spine-crawling! I put together a list of the truly gruesome, the scremingly funny, and the devilishly fatal. Enjoy the treat!

BTW, in case you are wondering – NONE of these are true!

MYTH: You can’t get pregnant if you have sex standing up

MYTH: You can't get pregnant if you have sex when you're having your period.

MYTH: Drinking bleach or mountain dew, or smoking pot, will prevent pregnancy.

MYTH: If a girl does "jumping jacks" after sex, she won't get pregnant.

MYTH: If a girl doesn't have an orgasm, she won't get pregnant.

MYTH: You can’t get pregnant on a boat.

MYTH: Two condoms are better than one

MYTH: Birth control has no effect on the possibility of getting pregnant

MYTH: You can reuse condoms.

MYTH: Most teens are having sex. TRUTH: Surprise, surprise: no they aren't! The 2007 Youth Risk Behavior Survey, answered by nearly 14,000 high school students across the country, reported that less than half (47.8 percent) had ever had intercourse.

MYTH: Condoms break frequently and really don't work. TRUTH: When used correctly, condoms are 98 percent effective in preventing pregnancy. And latex condoms are the best way to avoid sexually transmitted infections for people who are sexually active. Most breakage happens because condoms are used incorrectly. In fact, properly lubricating a condom helps reduce the likelihood of the condom breaking. However, only water-based lubricants such as KY jelly, Astro Glide, Slippery Stuff, etc., can be used with latex condoms. In fact, properly lubricating the condom helps reduce the likelihood of the condom breaking.

MYTH: Men are more promiscuous [have more sex] than women. TRUTH: The real truth is, this one is probably true, but by much less than you think. When polled about their sex lives, men overestimate while women underestimate, due to societal pressures. (

MYTH: Women don't like porn or dirty sex. TRUTH: Every woman is different, but bottom line? Anyone who thinks men are only ones conjuring up lurid, graphic fantasies about other passengers on the subway is deluded.

Yep! Pretty scary! Just make sure to let your friends know the TRUTH if you hear them spreading scary myths like these ones.