Free Donuts and Free Condoms!

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By Deja R. 

Today is National Donut Day!

All around the country, donuts shops are giving away delectable sugary mounds of fried dough! According to People Magazine, the wonderful day was established by the Salvation Army to celebrate volunteers―called “Doughnut Lassies”― who served soldiers doughnuts in France during World War I. "National Doughnut Day is not only about posting selfies with sugary treats before gobbling them up with reckless abandon. It’s about service, sacrifice…and then, yes, stuffing your face." People has the right idea. Click here to see a list of some of the many doughnut shops giving out free donuts! 

Parents are even using this day to teach their kids about sex! Donuts and bananas are being used in body part demonstrations in many households today. The bananas and donuts are used to explain the fundamentals of sex. A "balloon" AKA condom may be added to the banana to prevent making an “orange”. It's an easy way to break the ice, have the "birds and the bees" talk and enjoy a delicous snack afterwards. If you see Mom or Dad approach you with a donut and a prepared by checking out our page on family communication

And remember, you can get FREE condoms through our Condom Access Project here

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