Great News CA Teens - You Can Get Any Birth Control that’s Right 4 U, 4 FREE!

In California, you can get any birth control method covered by your health insurance for free and without restrictions. That includes even the most effective and hassle-free methods like the implant and IUD that can be safely used to prevent pregnancy for 3-7 years!

If you don’t have health insurance or you’re worried about keeping your decisions about your birth control choices private, you can also get the birth control of your choice for FREE through California’s Family PACT program. Click here to find the birth control method that works best for you.

And there’s more good news.

If your method is the pill, patch, or ring, you can get your 12-month supply all at once!

No more going to the pharmacy every month to pick up your next batch. No more running out of pills while travelling. Having your birth control on hand all year reduces your chances of forgetting to use them and experiencing an unplanned pregnancy by over 30%!

We want to know if a health insurance plan is not following the law. Remember, your health plan CANNOT:

  • Refuse to cover a prescribed birth control method
  • Charge a fee or co-pay for birth control
  • Require you to try one method first before covering the preferred method of choice (like trying the pill before the patch, ring, implant or IUD)
  • Require you to return to the pharmacy or doctor's office every 30 - 90 days to pick up pills, rings, or patches. You can get a full 12-month supply.

If any of this has happened to you recently, you can share your experience at and someone will contact you to help.