Birth Control

Say Thanks To Birth Control!

Today is Thanks, Birth Control Day, a chance to remember all of the reasons we are glad to have birth control options! We asked our TeenSource Youth Advisory Board members why they are saying a big TH... Read More

On World Contraception Day, Know Your Options!

Almost all (99%) of women between the ages of 15-44 who have ever had sex have used at least one birth control methods. Birth control, sometimes called contraception, is not always about preventing pr... Read More

Emergency Contraception- What You Need To Know

Emergency contraception, sometimes called EC, Plan B (a brand name), or the morning after pill, is birth control that is used after sex to prevent pregnancy. Someone might take EC if they had unprotec... Read More

Implants: The Birth Control that Goes in Your Arm

Yes, you read that right - birth control implants are a long-term, matchstick-sized, 99% effective contraceptive method that your arm! Coined the “get-it-and-forget-it” birth control, the im... Read More

Abstinence is Effective!

Over half of teens in the United States are not having sex. In California, that number is even lower. Less than one third of California teens reported ever having sex and less than a quarter of Califo... Read More

Reduce condom breakage or slippage!

Condoms are an important way to protect against pregnancy and STDs. But we know that condoms are not perfect. Using condoms is pretty easy but making sure you are using them correctly can help keep th... Read More

Condom Myths Busted!

Remember, abstinence is the BEST way to protect against pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) because not having any type of sexual contact is the only 100% effective way to prevent pregn... Read More