CAP is Getting Bigger!

Guess what, guys? TeenSource is officially expanding Condom Access Project (CAP) home mailers to San Diego and Fresno counties--woo hoo! Since CAP's inception in February 2012, we have sent out ov... Read More

Why You Should Use a Condom

By AngelicaNational Condom Awareness Week is a great time to ask yourself:Are you ready to be a parent? Do you want to know what it feels like to have an STD?If the answer to these two questions is “n... Read More

There's a Birth Control Method for Everyone

Video by Angelica  If you and your partner are thinking about sex, it's important to first find the method of birth control that is right for you (or your partner.) Lucky for you, there are MANY ... Read More

Sex Myths in the Media

By Remy F.When it comes to the media portraying sex, it is all about captivating the audience.  That means that oftentimes portrayals of sex and sexuality are exaggerated and informed by stereoty... Read More

Sex Myths--Busted!

By Remy F.One of the most talked about topics nowadays is sex.  The more talk that there is, the more opportunity there is for misinformation. And trust me, there are a lot of crazy sex myths tha... Read More