Setting Birth Control Rumors Straight!

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STD Myths That You Thought Were True: Part 1

Blog post by Remy F.STD MYTH: If I use birth control, I don’t need to worry about STDs, right?Birth control, such as the pill, patch, the ring, Depo/the shot, and the IUD are excellent ways ... Read More

Condom Myths That You Thought Were True: Part 1

Blog post by Remy F.Probably one of the most talked-about and convenient methods of birth control and STD prevention is the **drumroll please** CONDOM. Keep reading to learn about the most popula... Read More

April is STD Awareness Month!

By Nossin, TeenSource Peer EducatorA lot of teens think that they won’t catch a sexually transmitted disease (STD). But did you know that 1 in 2 sexually active people will get an STD by the age of 25... Read More

What's the Deal with Oral Sex?

“Guess what I did last night??” Ana asked in a loud whisper as we sat down at the cafeteria table. Before I could even get a word out she squealed “I gave Joey a blow job!” I s... Read More

Dental Dams

  A Dental What?! Yeah, I know! It was the first thing I thought when I first heard of a dental dam. It’s not as well known as the male and female condom and is not as famous amongst ... Read More

Friends With Benefits

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Summer Sizzle 1.0

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Ready or Not - Part 8

Jeff* is a 19 yr old college student.  This is his story: College.  Finally.  I was so ready to leave high school behind, get out of my parents’ house, and make my own rul... Read More