Ready or Not - Part Seven

Jenny* is an 18 yr old recent high school grad this is her story: David* and I started going out a bit before prom. He played it so right; he told me he wanted to be my date but that more ... Read More

Ready or Not - Part Five

Zachary* is a 19 yr old college sophomore. This is his story. I was a college sophomore the first time I did the deed. When I was in high school, well even before that I knew that I was gay. Yo... Read More

Ready or Not- Checking in

So far we have heard four people’s stories of their first times. While these stories are about people we know, I think that most of us can relate to the different experiences or feelin... Read More

Ready or Not - Part Four

Catelynn* is 20 and a sophomore in college.  This is her story: I’m waiting to have sex—maybe until marriage, or maybe until I find the right person.  Sometimes people ask... Read More

Ready or Not - Part Three

Vince* is a 17 yr old high school senior. This is his story. I had been dating this chick Samantha* for a while. She was totally hot, but not just that she was also really cool and even athle... Read More

Prom Fashion Show

Hey everybody, guess what time of year it is? Prom season!! So here are the latest and coolest fashions that you may want to consider for your big night:  The Peacock: The Runawa... Read More

St. Patrick’s Day Partying

  Today is the great day of Irish pride otherwise known as St. Patrick’s Day. It’s a day where everyone gets to be Irish, wear green and be merry, sometimes there are even parades... Read More

Introducing: The Ready or Not Mini-Series

The bloggers at TeenSource know there isn't a "one size fits all" answer when it comes to teens and sex. We have been talking to our friends about their first times, and also to some of ... Read More

Happy Birthday CAP

Hello everyone, I’m bursting with pride and excitement because the Condom Access Program or CAP turns one today. Happy Birthday CAP, oh how you have grown in just one short year! &... Read More

Let’s Get Tech-Friendly!

  So I got my first iPhone back in October, and I honestly can’t stop playing with it!  It's like an app party: AngryBirds at the punch bowl, Instagram on the dancefloor with S... Read More