My Pride

My name is Charlie. I’m a sixteen year old junior in high school. And I am gay. I’ve known this from the first time my mom explained what that meant to me at 9 years old. Being gay is some... Read More

History is Gay

Okay guys, let’s talk  about everyone’s favorite subjects: politics, current events, and history! Before you roll your eyes and go back to the Saved by the Bell marathon on FX, give me just a few... Read More

25 Pride Week Do's and Don'ts

We here at support equality and diversity and we hope that if you want to celebrate Pride Week, that you have a safe and solid celebration. Read More

Stop and Think

When you say "That's so gay," it's wrong and it is a big deal. By Connie Chung, 17, Gabrielino HS I had just survived first period and a droning lecture about the American Re... Read More