The Halloween Dilemma

With Halloween quickly approaching, I explored the local costume stores to figure out my options. I never realized how many there are! I can be a sexy cop, a sexy Ghostbuster, a sexy Alice in Wonderla... Read More

Sex Myths in the Media

By Remy F.When it comes to the media portraying sex, it is all about captivating the audience.  That means that oftentimes portrayals of sex and sexuality are exaggerated and informed by stereoty... Read More

Teen Pregnancy in the Media

Whether it’s through TV shows, movies, or even young celebs, the media has an important role in how we think about teen pregnancy. Some people think it has made teen pregnancy appear glamorous, ... Read More

Why Didn't I Learn this in Sex Ed?

By Meklit Gebre-Mariam, 16, University HS I took health class two years ago in the summer and it was, well, I’m not sure exactly how to describe it. Class consisted of an excited teache... Read More

Porn or Sex Ed?

Where do you get most of your information about sex? a) Friends b) Parents c) School d) PornIf you said Porn, you wouldn’t be alone (unfortunately). We can’t argue that movies and television shows an... Read More

The Real Value in MTV's Skins

MTV launched a new show in January – based on the UK teen series “Skins”. Since then the webworld has gone nuts – opinions and criticisms flying every which way. My take? I... Read More