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Teen Pregnancy in the Media

Whether it’s through TV shows, movies, or even young celebs, the media has an important role in how we think about teen pregnancy. Some people think it has made teen pregnancy appear glamorous, ... Read More

ella, oh ella...

ella oh ella… I already proclaimed my excitation and affection for this new lil’ thing to keep in the underwear drawer for an oops! moment, but started wondering – what exactly ... Read More

oh hello ella - welcome to the world!

Oh happy day! Sometimes it seems that reproductive health research and tech moves slower than LA traffic (how long have tampons been around and WHY haven't they come up with a better option yet?) ... Read More

Teens&Condoms? Yep, got it.

Whoever says teens don't have their stuff figured out is totally off base, at least when it comes to condoms. In that department, teens are MORE responsible, when it comes to condom use, than adul... Read More

Birth Control Quiz

Which method of birth control is best for you? Now you can use Planned Parenthood's birth control quiz to determine the answer! Answer a few simple questions and the quiz will help steer you in the ri... Read More