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Why Sex Ed is Important in Oakland Schools

By Ervin Lopez, Young Men's Organizer* and TeenSource Guest BloggerI come from a small town called Alameda where everyone knows each other. You can feel the safety in this community when you can walk ... Read More

Summer Sizzle 2.0

With online television so readily available on Hulu and Netflix, it is so easy to find a show that you just fall in love with and do what I like to call a “marathon watch.”  And let m... Read More

Taking On Teen Pregnancy

By Ernesto Pineda, 17, Animo Film & Theatre Arts Charter HS   Last school year when my drama class picked The Pregnancy Project as the play we would perform, I didn’t know what ... Read More

Why Didn't I Learn this in Sex Ed?

By Meklit Gebre-Mariam, 16, University HS I took health class two years ago in the summer and it was, well, I’m not sure exactly how to describe it. Class consisted of an excited teache... Read More

Why Does My Textbook Tell Us Sex is Dirty and Bad?

by Robyn My health textbook shouldn’t take a stand on whether teens should abstain from sex... This year I finally had to confront one of my high school graduation requirements—health education. ... Read More

Porn or Sex Ed?

Where do you get most of your information about sex? a) Friends b) Parents c) School d) PornIf you said Porn, you wouldn’t be alone (unfortunately). We can’t argue that movies and television shows an... Read More

Sexy? or Geeky? Both! @Sex::Tech 2011 was @ Sex::Tech 2011!Wow… imagine getting together with 450 smart people who are interested in teens, health, the interweb, and EVERYTHING related to sex! It was kinda like our version ... Read More