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 Are you always texting, using Instagram, and checking-in on Facebook? Are you fearless, eager to learn and share a wealth of info with your friends and family? If so, TeenSource needs YOU!We nee... Read More

Oct is Sex Ed Month of Action

October is Sex Ed Month of Action and the research is in: it is absolutely conclusive that abstinence only education programs not only do not work, but instead put youth at higher risk for STD transmi... Read More

Hookup with Sex Ed via Text

The Hookup, the fabulous service that delivers sex info and life advice to your phone each week via text message was featured on LA’s ABC7 on Monday night. You can watch the video on TeenSource:The H... Read More

Harry Potter and the Sex-Ed Class

What if, in between potions, transfiguration, and divination classes Harry Potter and the students at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry also got a sex ed class? Every since Harry Potter and t... Read More

South LA's Sex Ed Girl

Andreina Cordova, a 15 year old student who teaches sex education to her peers, has a goal: to educate teenagers on how to make wise decisions about sex.  Andreina is determined--she will spe... Read More