Check out What Goes Around!

Does she like me? I wish I hadn’t had sex with him…How do I get out of this? I hate this feeling. Is my phone broken?Maybe you already had sex with them, but are confused about their feelings for you.... Read More

Health Clinics: Seeking the Truth

By Leslie C. It’s totally normal to feel more comfortable going to your friends for information regarding healthy relationships, safe sex, birth control, and sexually transmitted diseases (STDs).... Read More

STD Myths That You Thought Were True: Part 1

Blog post by Remy F.STD MYTH: If I use birth control, I don’t need to worry about STDs, right?Birth control, such as the pill, patch, the ring, Depo/the shot, and the IUD are excellent ways ... Read More

April is STD Awareness Month!

By Nossin, TeenSource Peer EducatorA lot of teens think that they won’t catch a sexually transmitted disease (STD). But did you know that 1 in 2 sexually active people will get an STD by the age of 25... Read More

Is Abstinence for You?

The risks of having unprotected sex can be pretty scary—so is it all even worth it?  Teens are pressured to have sex all the time by their peers and the media.  I know it sometimes feels lik... Read More