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Condom Mailing Service

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Teen Pregnancy Prevention: An FAQ

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Is Abstinence for You?

The risks of having unprotected sex can be pretty scary—so is it all even worth it?  Teens are pressured to have sex all the time by their peers and the media.  I know it sometimes feels lik... Read More

The Facts on Teen Pregnancy

Once a year, every year, is the National Day to Prevent Teen Pregnancy.  Today, May 1st, 2013, is that day!  The best way to prevent teen pregnancy is, of course, by practicing abstinence... Read More

What Twilight Taught Me

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Teen Pregnancy in the Media

Whether it’s through TV shows, movies, or even young celebs, the media has an important role in how we think about teen pregnancy. Some people think it has made teen pregnancy appear glamorous, ... Read More