Afraid birth control will make u gain weight? There r tons of kinds of bc, head to a clinic for help to find the one that works best 4 ur body!

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Are you imagining how your homecoming dress, volleyball uniform, or weekend outfit will look on you, but scared birth control weight gain will cramp your style? Don’t let fears about birth control and weight gain keep you from making the right decisions about using an effective method of birth control. 

For years, many women have believed that birth control caused unwanted weight gain—despite a total lack of true scientific evidence to prove it.  In one recent survey, 50% of women who believed this said that fear of weight gain was the primary reason they chose not to take oral birth control! (Dana Hinders, "Birth Control and Weight Gain,") What the studies do show, is that some forms of birth control, like Depo Provera or “the shot” sometimes cause an increase in appetite.  When this happens, watching your calories and increasing exercise is what you need to do to keep the pounds off.  Don’t blame your contraceptive method. 

In fact, as with any medication, every birth control method is different and can cause various side-effects. And every woman’s body is unique and reacts to medication in a different way. That’s why it’s so important to visit a clinic and find out which birth control method is right for you!  And remember, there is one, scientifically proven, weight-gain method—it’s getting pregnant. You’ll gain about an average of 30 to 40 pounds!

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