Forget your birth control pill & had sex? Morning after pill can prevent pregnancy. Free @ ur local clinic!

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Teens in California can get EC over the counter at most pharmacies by simply walking in and paying for it.

Here are a few EC tips:

  • It is completely different from the “abortion pill” – RU486
  • It does NOT protect against STIs
  • Take it as soon as possible after unprotected sex
  • It is still effective up to FIVE days after unprotected sex
  • You can take it as many times as you need – but better to practice SAFE SEX!
  • Many teen clinics and other reproductive health clinics keep either Plan B®, Plan B 1 Step®, NextChoice®, or ella® IN their clinics – no need to even go to a pharmacy!

How does EC work?

EC is either one or two very safe pills made like a hormone your body makes. When a EC is taken soon after unprotected sex, it can prevent pregnancy by preventing ovulation. Ovulation is when the egg leaves the ovary. A pregnancy can’t happen when there is no egg to meet with sperm.

Where can I get emergency contraception?

  • Teen Clinics in California can set you up with free EC – just drop in and sign up for Family Pact. Check out the clinic finder or go to http// or call 1-800-942-1054 to find EC near you.
  • The National EC Hotline website at and 1-888-668-2528 can also be used to find EC anywhere in the United States.

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