Good sex is safe sex: always wear latex!

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Sex is supposed to be fun, right? So why is it so stressful sometimes? Sometimes it just isn’t simple. There’s emotional and relationship stuff going on, people can change after becoming sexually active, and there’s always that worry about an unplanned pregnancy or getting an STI. . Well, at least you can take that last one off the list… by wearing condoms!

Although condoms aren’t the best form of birth control (hormonal or copper IUDs are more effective), they are better than nothing, or pulling out. They have the additional upside of preventing STIs, too!

What’s not to love? The best case scenario?  Get on a hormonal form of birth control (or an IUD), or guys, help your girlfriends get on one. Then make sure you use condoms as well, and you are good to go!
There are lots of different kinds of condoms out there, too. You can get male (goes on the penis) or female/insertive condoms (they go inside the vagina or anus). If you are allergic to latex, no problem! They come in non-latex, and work just as well. There are different sizes, colors, flavors, glow in the dark, lubricated, extra lubricated, textured, and even musical condoms.

If you need them for free, stop by your local teen clinic… or buy them at the corner store. They are definitely cheaper than an unplanned pregnancy, and hey, they might make sex a little less stressful too!