Haunted houses can be scary, but visiting a clinic shouldn’t be!

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This time of year it’s fun to enjoy some spooky things. But you know one thing that shouldn’t give you a fright? Getting sexual and reproductive health care like birth control and STD tests! Remember, visiting a clinic can sometimes feel scary but we’ve got you covered to make it easy. Plus, most services are free and your privacy should be protected, so you don’t have to be afraid about cost OR confidentiality.

Being safe isn’t scary. California law gives teens many rights to make it easier to access sexual and reproductive health services as a minor.

Of course it’s great to have a parent or other trusted adult to help you visit a clinic, but it’s not required. If you can’t talk to your parent or another trusted adult, you can still get preventive health services.

  • You can access a local clinic
  • At these clinics, you’ll have access to services like:
    • Birth Control
    • Getting tested or treatment for an STD/HIV
    • Emergency Contraceptives
    • Pregnancy Testing/Prenatal Care
    • You can even leave during school to visit a clinic and receive these services

And everything is CONFIDENTIAL! This means it is kept private.

Even if you found a nearby clinic, it can still be scary to take the next step and actually visit. Here are some tips to help you conquer your fears:

  • Some clinics will require an appointment, while others may have “walk-in” availability during certain hours. Call ahead or visit their website if possible, to see what options are available. If the clinic near you has teen hours, even better!
  • Don’t have insurance? Don’t worry. California’s FamilyPACT program will cover costs. Ask about it.
  • Do you have insurance under your parent’s plan? That’s ok too! Your visit can remain confidential when using their insurance if you choose to. But there’s some paperwork you have to fill out first.
  • Not sure what to ask, or how to talk about sex? Here are some tips and questions that may help you get started.

Looking for more? Visit our Know Your Rights page to find more topics and conversations on your rights during a clinic visit.

Don’t get spooked from getting the care you need! It’s an important way to stay safe and healthy.