Have the fireworks between u and bae fizzled like the 4th of July? Breaking up isn't easy, but it doesn't have to suck

Have the fireworks between u and bae fizzled like the 4th of July? Breaking up isn't easy, but it doesn't have to suck

Breaking up is hard to do...not to mention the awkwardness that can come after breaking up. We have all had our share of crazy breakups... from the "dragged-out-too-long" breakup to the "no response and just plain blindsided breakup" And no judgement here if some of your breakups end with you moping around being sad and eating a big box of donuts.

Not all breakups have to suck, however. Here are a few tips to prevent repeating any of these cliché breakup  again.

  • Don’t breakup over text!

Texting a breakup might be the worst way to breakup. It allows for the other person to interpret the words however they want to, which usually just fuels the fire. For example, if you text a paragraph or worst, just two words that "it’s over", there isn't any opportunity for the person on the receiving end to figure out what went wrong.

  • Pick the right place at the right time

Location and timing are two of the most important things to think about when you’re thinking about pulling the plug on a relationship. Timing is important because you don’t want to break up the day before Valentine's Day because it might lead to a replay of The Notebook, hiding/ducking out in the hallways on Valentine’s Day and having Toni Braxton “Unbreak my heart” on repeat.

Location is also key. You want the location to fit the mood of the occasion. For instance, don’t take them out on a date and then breakup after... it makes you look pretty thoughtless and you'll catch them totally off-guard.

  • Never say “we need to talk”

These words have been overused in every movie scene, TV show, and relationship magazine article. You can articulate your breakup in better words than the old fashion, “We need to talk.” Those words already takes the brain to a negative place and can get the other person in defense mode. A breakup shouldn’t be a situation where you’re throwing rocks and stones at one another to see who can hurt the other person the most. Try using, "Can I get something off my chest?" or, "Where do you see us next year after high school?” These conversation starters are a way of getting one another to express their feelings without hurting one another along the way.

  • Give the person an opportunity of closure!

Closure is a way of getting that final goodbye so that you can move on post-breakup. Make sure you give each other time to talk, ask questions, and discuss any issues so that each person feels like they've gotten everything off their chest. You never know... hearing what they have to say may even help you in your next relationship to get what you want and deserve.