Having sex? Not ready to be a parent? Use condoms or birth control!

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Being sexually active can be fun, pleasurable, and an expression of love for someone you really care about. The downside? It puts you at a higher risk for unplanned pregnancy. And we aren’t just talking about girls here. Guys have just as much responsibility when it comes to pregnancy… if the girl decides to continue it, the guy has to pay child support & be a solid father figure for the next 18 years!

It’s a big deal to get pregnant. Even if you decide to get an abortion or go for adoption, pregnancy has major emotional and physical consequences. And most of us in high school, middle school, or college just don’t need to deal with that on top of everything else that is going on in our lives.

It might seem like a pain to make an appointment at the local teen clinic or pick up condoms next time you are at the corner store, but it’s definitely less work than dealing with unplanned pregnancy.

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