Are u being pushed or shoved? Manipulated? Do u fear ur partner? Don't b afraid ur not alone.

Are u being pushed or shoved? Manipulated? Do u fear ur partner? Don't b afraid ur not alone.

Dating violence is hard to talk about, but it's more common than you think. 1 in 3 teens is a victim of dating abuse - whether it's physical, sexual, emotional, or verbal. Chances are that if you have not experienced this type of abuse personally, you probably know someone who has. 

The first step to getting out of an unhealthy relationship is recognizing that you're in one. Here are some warning signs you might not have thought about: 

Is your partner controlling? The first signs of dating violence can be as simple as your partner bossing you around and telling you what to do, wear, etc. These small little gestures can be seen as cute and playful but if your partner can't handle you making your own choices, that's a bad sign.

Is your partner possessive? Does your partner have to know your every move? Is your partner the type who likes to be informed where you are and who you’re with, every second of the day? If so, you should begin to reevaluate your relationship. Partners in a healthy relationship should trust one another to be independent. 

Does your partner have crazy/scary mood swings? Is your partner angry with you one second and happy the next? Is your partner angry when you talk to or hang out with you friends? Does your partner get extremely jealous when you talk to people and instantly assume your flirting? If this type of thing happens all the time, it might be time to reevaluate the relationship for your own peace of mind and safety. 

Is your partner keeping you from spending time with family and friends? Are you beginning to feel isolated from friends and family? Does your partner tell lies about your friends and family to keep you away from them? This is a sign of dating violence - your partner might be trying to make you feel that everyone is against you, and that they are the only one you can trust.

If you think any of these warning signs apply to your relationship, there are resources that can help. Learn more here