It’s Men’s Health Week!

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Did you know that boys actually visit the doctor less than girls overall? So this Men’s Health Week, check out some ways that dudes, guys, fellas, brothers, and anyone else can take charge of their health.

Get Vaccinated Against HPV!

HPV is a common STD that can lead to warts or even cancer. Learn about what guys need to know about HPV. The good news is, you can protect yourself! The HPV vaccine is a series of two or three shots and is recommended for young people between the ages of 9 and 26. The vaccine is available for free and you can get it with or without your parents. Find a clinic near you to get the HPV vaccine!

Get Tested!

Did you know that the most common symptom of an STD is no symptom at all? The only way to know for sure if someone has an STD is to get tested. STD testing is easy, free, and confidential. Most STD tests involve a simple urine test, aka peeing in a cup. Find a clinic near you to get tested for STDs.

Get Free Condoms!

Condoms are a great way to protect against STDs and pregnancy. Even if you have not had sex before or are not planning to have sex soon, that’s ok. Having condoms on hand can help you be prepared for when the time is right. You can also give them to your friends! Find free condoms near you!

Educate Yourself!

Just because birth control like pills, patches, and IUDs are only available for people with a uterus, everyone still need to know about them. You might have partners, friends, or relatives who are using these methods and having some information will help you talk to your partner who’s using them! Check out all of the birth control methods, including abstinence, condoms, and vasectomy.

Be you. Own your health

Remember, when we are talking about male health, some males have female body parts and some people with male body parts don’t identify as a guy. That’s ok! The important thing to remember is to own your health. These tips can be helpful for anyone!