LGBT teens need protection 2! Condoms, dental dams, & getting tested protect u from STDs, pregnancy, & HIV/AIDS.

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If you’re an LGBT teen and sexually active there’s one area where you should think straight: protecting yourself from STDs, pregnancy, and HIV/AIDS. Whether you’re gay, bi, lesbian, or unsure- having unprotected sex or not knowing your status or that of your partner’s can put you at risk.

No matter who you’re getting down with, send shivers down each other’s spines in a good way- not because we don’t know if someone’s carrying an STD!

Why LGBT teens need to be tested and protected: :

  • Guys who have sex (oral or anal) with guys are at high risk for STDs. Engaging in unprotected anal sex is especially risky when it comes to transmitting STDs and HIV. This is because it’s easy to make small tears or cuts in and around the rectum where STDs and HIV can easily pass through. 
  • Girls who have sex with girls are at risk for STDs and pregnancy. STDs like Gonorrhea, Chlamydia, or HPV (genital warts) can be passed through vaginal, anal, or oral sex, which puts lesbian or bi-identified girls at risk too.
  • Studies show lesbian-identified women will have sex with a man at least once in their lifetime, and are more likely to have unprotected sex. Just one experience of unprotected sex can put you at risk, so it’s important to be safe and prepared every time.

What is safe sex for LGBT teens?

  • Use protection every time you have any type of sex. Condoms should be used during anal or vaginal sex (male or female condoms) or when using a sex toy (never share sex toys, or make sure to use a fresh condom every time).
  • Dental dams, condoms or even plastic wrap can be used when having oral sex.
  • Engage in safe sexual activities, such as cuddling, kissing, or masturbation.

For more information on safe sex for LGBT teens check out the following links:

And make sure to get tested at a clinic near you!