Lube Lube Lube! Dry condoms can break & make u sore. Ouch!

Lube Lube Lube! Dry condoms can break & make u sore. Ouch!

“What is lube?”

Lube or “lubricant” is a water-based, slippery liquid that can be used to help make vaginal or anal sex comfortable, especially when you are using condoms.

Many condoms are already “lubricated” and it will say that on the package.  If a condom is not already lubricated, or if it starts to dry out during sex, it can rub against you or your partner’s vagina, anus or penis and cause discomfort or pain.  This can also cause a condom to break.

You can add lube to condoms that aren’t pre-lubricated to lubricate them.  You can also add lube to pre-lubricated condoms to make them more slippery if you like.  The condom is also less likely to break if it is lubricated!  So…use lube! Don’t put lube inside a condom. This can cause it to fall off a guy’s penis during sex.

You can buy lube- it’s usually found next to the condoms at the grocery store or pharmacy.  You can also get it at clinics where they have condoms.

Important things to remember about lube:

  1. Only use WATER-based lubricants such as KY Jelly or Astroglide brands. 
  2. Never use anything oil-based on a condom (such as Vaseline, baby oil, body lotion, or vegetable oils) because the oil causes condoms to break!

For more information about lube and how to use it…read on!