Male condoms aren’t the only option. Female condoms might be right for u!

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We’ve all heard it; “It doesn’t feel as good!”, “I don’t have any condoms with me!” or “Just this one time, come on!”

Sometimes people just aren’t totally responsible about sex. If you are sexually active, and you want to be sure you are protected against STIs or pregnancy, carry a female (a.k.a. insertive) condom with you. It’s great, ‘cause it means you have another option to stay safe.

They can be used in the vagina or in the anus, and look like larger versions of the male condom, and can stay in for up to eight hours before sex.

A couple key tips for using a female/insertive condom:

  • Use with lube
  • Doubling up is not better – use a female or a male condom, not both together

If you want to prevent pregnancy, use condoms with another form of birth control, like the pill, patch, ring, IUD or shot.