Never feel forced 2 have sex w/ ur partner! It might b a sign that you don’t have control.

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There is a word for this: Coercion. It means being pressured to do something you don’t want to. If you aren’t ready to be sexually active, and your partner is pressuring you in a way that makes you uncomfortable or crosses any lines, it’s not ok.

Just because it isn’t rape (unwanted sexual intercourse) doesn’t mean that coercion isn’t serious. It can be a sign of an abusive relationship, a controlling partner, or unhealthy communication. In some cases, it can be little things; complaining about not having enough sex, or trying to make you feel guilty for not being ready to have sex at all. It can be big things as well: yelling, crying, or threatening. Either way, it is important to recognize coercion when you see it.

You and only you get to decide when you are ready to have sex. It’s ok to have control over your body and your sexual relationships.

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