No such thing as the “right age” 2 have sex. It’s all about when YOU r ready!

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Your BFF lost hers at 16, your older sister at 15, and her friend at 18. Your college roommate was 22, and a friend from your soccer team is waiting until she is in a super serious relationship. It’s called losing your virginity, and people have made up lots of rules (or rumors) about it. It’s supposed to be really romantic. You can’t get pregnant your first time, right? It hurts so much. It doesn’t hurt at all.

What are you supposed to think??? Well, it just isn’t something that anyone can make up rules about. It’s different for everyone, and there isn’t a “perfect” way to make it happen. Sex is between two people, not just one, so there are going to be things that are out of your control. Maybe the moonlight won’t be shining bright enough! Gasp!

But the main thing you can control is when. Becoming sexually active is a choice, and it is yours and only yours to make. When you feel ready, emotionally, mentally, and physically, then you will feel it is the right time. Your age doesn’t matter. Some people feel ready at 15, others at 40. Waiting until you are ready gives you time to do it safely – because you can get pregnant and STDs the first time!

Talking to a counselor or health educator at your local teen clinic before you make the big move is a great idea… check out the clinic finder at