Some1 using words you don’t know? Grow your sexual health vocab!

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  • Insertive condom
  • Gonorrhea
  • Oral sex
  • Depo shot
  • Coercion

No, we aren’t coming up with an SAT vocab list here… we’re talking about some words that might come up when you’re talking about sex with friends, health educators, or your doc at the local teen clinic. Sexual health vocab isn’t one of those things that we study in English 101, and it can be hard sometimes to figure out where to start with getting tested for the right stuff, figuring out what all those birth control options mean, or just talking to your partner about the different stuff you are trying out in bed. has lots of the more technical ones – especially those on birth control, STIs, and sexual health. Urban dictionary can help out with the more slang terms (no matter how sexy), and and Kinsey Confidential are both awesome for the sexuality and relationship related words. Look it up!