Still a virgin? Plan 2 stay 1? Plan a fun public date and limit the “private” ones.

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Dating is a lost art. Sometimes it seems like everyone means “having sex” when they say “Oh, we’re dating.” In fact, dating means hanging out with someone you are romantically interested in, whether or not it involves sex. Dating can be taking a walk, going to a movie, eating ice cream, flying kites, shopping for apartments, dancing at a concert, visiting a museum on the free day, or even just sitting down somewhere and getting to know each other through a long conversation! People even have skype dates! Romantic, isn’t it?

Sometimes the more hot and heavy dates, like “watching a movie on the couch when your parents are out of town” can make you feel pressure to go farther sexually than you are ready for. It seems like it’s the “right” or “normal” thing to do… but if you want to avoid that pressure, keep the dates in public spaces, and be open and honest with your partner about what you both expect and/or want.

Don’t worry, being a virgin (a.k.a. not yet sexually active) doesn’t mean you can’t date. Going out with girls or guys without having sex is totally enjoyable. And even though your friends and the movies/tv shows/video games/internet all say dating=sex, they’re wrong. It’s all about the quality time!