Think condoms are a hassle? Try pushing a baby stroller to class!

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Condoms can seem expensive, hard to use, and a pain to dispose of. But in reality, condoms are a lot less expensive, easier to deal with, and easier to clean up after than a baby.

Having kids can be a positive, healthy life choice, and at the same time, it’s super important to have them when you are ready: emotionally, physically, financially, and mentally. Finishing school can be really difficult if you have a baby or young child. Imagine trying to balance your already full schedule (sports, school, social life, and probably an after school job or two) with having a kid!

Condoms are free at your local teen clinic. And after sex, just wrap used condoms in tissue paper and put them in the bottom of the garbage basket. You can watch a condom demo here. Not too tough, huh?