Use 1 Condom at a time. 2 is like 0 b/c rubbing=breaking

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Using two condoms (i.e. one on top of another, or one male condom and one female condom) at the same time is sometimes called “double bagging” and it really does not work! Think about trying to rub two sheets of saran wrap or plastic wrap together - it would stick, and tear, right? Condoms are made of latex, which is very effective and strong on its own. When you rub it against other latex, the friction will make it stick and tear just like plastic wrap… and create holes that bodily fluids and sexually transmitted disease (STD) bacteria or viruses can pass through.

So in this case, two is NOT better than one. Instead, use one condom that fits, doesn’t irritate your skin, and is a type that you feel comfortable using EVERY time. If you have questions on how to put a condom on correctly or which style will work best for you, head into your local teen clinic and talk to a doctor or nurse. They can answer questions, do a demo, and give you a bag of free condoms to take home… and use one at a time!

Think you know how to use a condom? Test yourself with this quick video, and read up on your condom facts at If you aren’t sure which type of condom is right for you, follow the guide at to find out!