When in doubt, talk it out… your BF/GF is prob willing to talk about relationship issues.

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It might seem like the last person you could talk to about your relationship, but believe it or not, it might be the best. When we talk about relationship issues, we seem to talk mostly to our friends or family members, which can be helpful for figuring out how you feel, but not necessarily helpful for solving any problems. For example, you can complain to your friends about how you always pay for dates, but if you don’t talk to your partner about it, how are they going to know it bothers you?

A lot of the time, when something doesn’t feel right in your relationship, your BF/GF probably feels the same way or at least realizes something is off. They might be hesitant to bring it up with you for the same reasons you are feeling! Why not bring it out in the open, and see if you guys can solve your issues together, and maybe even be in a healthier, stronger relationship than ever!