Tips on Being a Good Kisser

As a young woman, I have had my share of some truly knee-trembling, sky opening, good kisses, and some eyebrow-lifting, body-tensing, horrid kisses. It’s so difficult, because you cannot tell if someone will be a good kisser by looking at them; you or one of your friends must experience it to believe it.Worse than that, what if you yourself are the bad kisser? How do you know? To quiet down those fears, I have compiled a few helpful tips and guidelines for your kissing pleasure.

Try to go in with a plan

I know, it’s kissing, you want it to be spontaneous and romantic, but really, if you don’t think about it at all, and you’re not that experienced, you may find yourself over or under whelmed. Think a moment about where to put your hands, how to angle your head, and when you want to open your eyes.

Always use the Golden Rule- do to them what you want done to you.

All relationships need a little give and take. Do to them what you want done to you. They may even pick up on it, and give it back. Work with your partner, don’t dominate, but don’t be completely passive.

Listen to your partner

Words won’t be audible, but listen for the soft sighs or the awkward ouch’s to know if you should keep doing what you’re doing, or change it up.

Too much saliva or too little is not pleasant

No one wants to kiss a slobbery dog, nor lick a saltine cracker. Remember to swallow if you make too much saliva, or take a drink of water if you’re dry. Keep those lips soft too! A friend of mine actually receives compliments on how good her lips taste and feel because she always has her chap stick ready and delicious! Get it girl!

If you don’t know what it is, don’t go there

A little crude I know, but seriously, don’t go places that you are not aware of. A sense of curiosity is not always a great virtue. Seriously, I once had a guy lick the roof of my mouth, and he didn’t even realize it. Needless to say, there was no second date.  Don't just dump someone for that one reason, communcicate with them first about what you do or don't like, and then if you really don't match with their style, consider respectfully moving on. 

Tongues should never move too slowly or too quickly

Tongue can be a wonderful addition to kissing, but there must be a balance between a wet torpedo and a lazy slug. Move it around and enjoy the other person--don’t give them internal whiplash.

Use teeth minimally

More so for the experienced and adventurous, feel free to nibble gently, or use the firm pressure of your teeth to mix it up a bit, but no biting. Ever. Golden rule, remember? Happy early Valentine’s Day present!