Abortion is legal in California, both for teens and adults. You do not need anyone's permission and the law protects your privacy.  The decision is up to you. If you do decide to have an abortion, try and find someone you trust like a parent, counselor or friend so you don't have go through it alone.

Important things to know:

Not all clinics offer abortions
You can get an abortion at many family planning clinics and some doctor's offices, but even though abortions are legal, doctors and nurses do not have to offer them. If you are pregnant and have decided to have an abortion, find an abortion provider near you. You can also take a look at our abortion resources page for additional support and check out these tips for finding the abortion provider that's right for you.

WARNING: All clinics are not alike. Some clinics pretend to offer family planning services, but will not tell you about all of your options. They call themselves "Crisis Pregnancy Centers" or "Pregnancy Resource Centers" but sometimes they use other names. Some of them give misleading information to try to keep you from having an abortion.

Earlier is Better
If you know you are pregnant, it is best to get an abortion as early as possible during your pregnancy to avoid any complications.  You have the right to get an abortion until a doctor decides that the fetus could live outside of your body - usually about six months after you become pregnant.  After that, if the pregnancy puts your health or life at risk you can still get an abortion.

No one can make you have an abortion
It's your right to stay pregnant and have the baby. No one can force you to have an abortion or force you to give the baby up after it's born. If you decide to give birth, you will need medical care while you're pregnant and after you have the baby. Some state programs will pay for the care you need if you can't afford it or if you don't already have health insurance. 

Safe Surrender
If you follow through with your pregnancy but aren't ready to be a parent, you can safely surrender your baby. Learn more about the California Safely Surrendered Baby Law here