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Launched in 2001 as an online hub for teen-friendly sexual and reproductive health information and resources, TeenSource.org features accurate and reliable information about STDsbirth control, healthy relationships, and teen rights to accessing sensitive services in California. The site also features youth-generated blogs and videos.

TeenSource also offers these features to empower youth and connect them to direct services:

  • The Condom Access Project (CAP) provides free condoms to California teens who need them. Visit the CAP homepage to find out where you can pick up free condoms near you and if you are eligible to order condoms to be mailed to you at home.
  • Hookup: provides weekly info + advice sent via a weekly text message. You can also search for clinics near you via text. As the online home for Hookup, TeenSource provides expanded information on each week’s tip.
  • Find a Clinic: Looking for a clinic in California? Use our clinic finder tool to find a clinic nearby that provides confidential and affordable sexual and reproductive health services.
  • Blogs and videos: TeenSource strives to provide accurate, reliable information made for youth, by youth.
  • Resources: If you haven’t found what you’re looking for on one of our other pages, you can search our Resources page for additional resources and support for a variety of topics including LGBTQ issues, body image, mental health, rape and sexual assault, and more. 

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TeenSource won the Nonprofit Technology Network’s Campaign of the Year Award in 2014.

Project activities have been supported by the federal Office of Population Affairs, Title X grant, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) STD Prevention Programs, The California Wellness Foundation and the American Civil Liberties Union.