Teens + Telehealth

Because of COVID-19, many clinics started offering services through telehealth to make sure people can still get the services they want and need. That means that California teens can get health care without having to go into a clinic! A survey of California teens found that many are interested in telehealth because getting care remotely can be less intimidating and more convenient than going into a clinic – and they don’t have to worry about transportation. Remote care through telehealth is a great option now, and after the pandemic is over.

What is “telehealth"?

A telehealth visit is when you talk with your health care provider by phone or by video, or receive health services without going into a clinic.

What services are available over telehealth?

California teens can get a broad range of services through telehealth, including sexual and reproductive care!

  • Birth control options counseling
  • Birth control prescriptions + refills
  • STD Treatment
  • Emergency Contraception (Plan B) prescriptions

Is telehealth free?

Sexual health services cost THE SAME whether in person or through telehealth – and for most California teens that means FREE. Learn more about health coverage.

How can I keep my appointment private?

While it’s always good to talk with a trusted adult and have open communication about your health, there may be reasons you want to keep a sexual and reproductive health visit confidential. Your doctor is required by law to keep all your health information private! Learn more about your right to confidential health services.           

Because of COVID-19, it might be more difficult to find privacy if family members are at home more often than usual. Here are some tips on how to keep your telehealth visit private:

  • Find a private place where you can speak openly with your doctor about your sexual health care needs
  • Take a walk, sit in a car, or make appointment for when others are out of the house

How do I make a telehealth appointment?

It's always a good idea to ask your provider what services are available through telehealth! You can find a clinic near you and make an appointment in-person or through telehealth.