My Favorite Websites for Teens and Sexual Health

Sometimes it can be challenging to find a good, quality website that you really like, especially when it comes to sexual health. I spend a lot of time on the internet looking at these types of websites and because I want to share my information with you, I have listed my favorite sexual health websites for teens.

  • I wish I knew about when I was younger because Scarleteen seems to have an endless amount of information about any question you could ever ask about sex. I like Scarleteen because they aren’t afraid to talk about any sex subject and you can count on them to keep their answers real.
  • Teen Talk on I like Teen Talk because they cover a lot of topics that are important to teens, like dating, friendship, birth control, teen pregnancy and sexuality. Like Scarleteen, Teen Talk answers a lot of questions that other teens have about sex.
  • Sex, Etc. I like because of their teen bloggers. The site has a lot great information, but I especially like the bloggers because they talk about their personal experiences. I also like the site because it has good videos and other interactive tools.
  • Teen Voices Ok, isn’t about sexual health but it is one of my favorite teen websites. I like it because it supports teen girls. It gives teen girls a place to share their stories and read about stories from other teens about issues like dating violence and teen pregnancy.
  • Besider. They keep it real, up to date, and usually pretty funny. It's not specifically for teens, but they provide tons of awesome info for ladies AND dudes.