Ready or Not - Finale

Why is it that so many of us want to get this sex thing over with? Isn’t it something we can slow down over to really savor the flavor?



Being ready doesn’t mean having no boundaries. Just because you said yes once doesn’t mean you need to say yes the second time or the third time or even the 50th time. Having sex with someone doesn’t give them a free pass to demand any kind of sexual act from you or sex any time. It’s your body!


No matter if you are gay, straight or somewhere in between, the decision to have sex is an important one and a personal one. What’s right for your best friend may be all wrong for you. Sex can be amazing and sex can be scary and dangerous. The key is ALWAYS having consent before starting and ALWAYS using protection.

Thanks to the brave teens who shared their first time stories with us! We all have learned a lot from hearing these different experiences. 

Now, moving forward, what’s that I always say?       ...Are you READY OR NOT?