Ready or Not - Part 8

Jeff* is a 19 yr old college student.  This is his story:

College.  Finally.  I was so ready to leave high school behind, get out of my parents’ house, and make my own rules.  Having turned 18 and being accepted into a really good school, I was on top of the world.  A night or two after I moved into the freshman dorms and before classes started, I thought, “Why not?” and hosted a party in my room. 

There was a lot of alcohol and I’ll admit, I got really drunk.  I felt like no one could stop me: not my parents, not the RA’s, no one!  As the night wore on, my dorm room emptied as my new neighbors called it a night.  My roommate was already passed out on his bed, and I found myself alone with really pretty girl from downstairs—score!  and then she started making a move on me.  I was actually a bit shocked that she was even showing any interest in me, especially since I didn’t date much in high school. 

We started making out on my bed, which I was totally okay with.  But things just kept getting more and more intense—which I wasn’t ready for.  I remember thinking that she would want to stop at any time, but she kept leading things along and I had no idea how far she wanted to go.  My guard was down since I was so drunk and even though I was hesitant to continue, she kept directing me towards having sex… So we did.  Luckily, my roommate had stashed some condoms in his desk, so we were protected.  But unfortunately, I was so drunk that I didn’t feel much, much less remember the details.

We passed out in my bed, and when I woke up, she was gone.  I was shocked.  I found out that all she wanted was to have sex, and had no interest in hanging out with me or dating me.  I was so hurt that all I was to her was a convenient one night stand.  I thought that only scumbag guys wanted to take advantage of girls in college—not the other way around!  I didn’t even know women even liked sex that much. 

I always thought that my first time would be more special than what had happened that night.  I never really got to know her, or talk to her about her sexual background.  Good thing we used protection, because I never would have known if she had an STD!  Luckily, I didn’t end up catching anything from that encounter.  I was still pretty upset that I was used like that.  I eventually got over it, but I’m still disappointed knowing that I will never get my first time back.