April is STD Awareness Month!

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By Nossin, TeenSource Peer Educator

A lot of teens think that they won’t catch a sexually transmitted disease (STD). But did you know that 1 in 2 sexually active people will get an STD by the age of 25?  

So don't leave it up to luck. Learn the facts about STDs and use condoms to protect yourself.

STDs can be grouped into two categories - bacterial and viral. Bacterial STDs can be cured, but viral STDs (like HIV) can't. That's why it’s extremely important to use condoms and to get checked for STDs regularly. It's also important to talk to your partner about getting tested BEFORE you start having sex. After all, the best way to treat an STD is to prevent it from happening in the first place. 

Remember, most birth control methods do not protect against STDs! Condoms are an effective way to protect against STDs and they also prevent unplanned pregnancy so make sure that you have one handy every time you have sex. If you think you may have an STD, find a local clinic nearby and get tested immediately! If any of the tests come back positive, let all of your partners know.