Condoms: No more excuses!

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By Carolina 

Sayings like, “Don't be silly, wrap your willy” or, “No glove, no love,” are phrases many of us are used to hearing. Even though we may be exposed to these catchy phrases, not everyone may know the real deal about condoms. For those of us that may not know much about condoms, there is no better time than now to get educated.

Condoms are a barrier-form of contraceptive: they block sperm from fertilizing an egg, whether you use an internal or external condom. You read right, there is not just one type of condom but two: a "external condom" which is used to cover the penis, and a "internal condom" which can be inserted into the vagina or the anus. With multiple options, there is really no excuse for not using protection.

Condoms being too expensive is another excuse that nobody should use. As a matter of fact, they are available to anyone; no matter what your age, you can buy condoms. There are a variety of prices at drugstores so you can simply choose the most economical brand. In reality, the only condom that is too expensive is the $68 Louis Vuitton external condom. If buying condoms really is too expensive, you can pick up free condoms near you by checking out our Condom Access Project. 

Not only are condoms easy to get a hold of, but they are also lifesavers. You may think otherwise since some claim condoms reduce sensation during sex (read how to avoid this here), but they do save you in the sense that they prevent pregnancy and STDs. However, condoms only work if used consistently and correctly!