The key to having a close relationship with your parents

By Joseph

Looking around in my life, I have important role models that have helped me through tough battles in life - but my mom is the most important one. My mom gives me advice on everything from life experience to sex advice and laughter. When I talk to my mom, she doesn’t judge anything no matter how big the situation or small. Instead, she comes from a place of sincerity and comfort.

The reason why our relationship is so supportive is because we have a friendship. My mom and I have been through ups and down together and are bond has only gotten stronger. The obstacles that we went through together made me realize that at the end of the day, all we have is each other. Having my mom attend my sports games, regardless of what was going on in her life, was special because I could see in her eyes that my games took her to a place where all of her problems went away. Watching her be happy motivated me to continue to play sports because I could tell she enjoyed it more than I did and I wanted to make her happy.

She is my biggest ally, cheerleader and captain of my fan club which is what motivates me to continue to succeed in life. I know I can accomplish my dreams and prove that her sacrifices won't have been in vain. With all of the support my mom gave me, I return it it back. When she graduated college, I watched her cross the stage with pride and it made me push harder in achieving my dreams. My mom graduating has motivated me and also brought us closer because she is unstoppable and a go-getter and my biggest supporter. I plan to return the favor and then some :)